• 2005 Qwords.com was established in July 2005 by Rendy Maulana when he was studying at Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB). Started from a desire to have a company that supported the activity of his collage friends (at the time) especially in the part of Internet. He strarted with opening a website creation service and website data storage service or Web Hosting. Since then, Web Hosting was the core business of Qwords.com. We provided rental space to place the website files and accessed emails on the Internet. We also provided registration services for Domain Name or address to access your website on the internet.

  • 2007 Qwords opened its first office officially in Bandung

  • 2008 Qwords had its private server in Indonesia.

  • 2009 Driven by increased of business network powerfully, Qwords then opened the second operational office in the capital city, in Cyber Building 1, South Jakarta.

  • Qwords formally under the auspices of PT. Qwords Company International

  • 2014 Opened  third office in D.I  Yogyakarta

  • 2015 Opened fourth office in Surabaya City

  • 2016 Qwords became Registrar of Indonesian Internet Domain Name or “Pengelola Nama Domain Internet Indonesia” (PANDI). Handled more than 45,000 active clients from Indonesian and abroad.